Sociology Essay Help

Sociology Essay Help

How to Write a Sociology Essay

One of the most common mistakes that sociology students make is writing sociology essays without applying a sociological perspective in their essays. A sociological perspective in application is basically using sociological theories to understand social phenomena. Whenever you come across a scientific theory, it does not mean that the said theory is true.

The theory is considered to be an assumption of the theorist and this open to questioning and analysis. In a normal sociology essay, there are three major sociological theories that are predominantly present. The three theories are functionalism, Marxism and critical theory. A good sociology essay will exhibit appropriate understanding of sociological concepts and theories. You will also come across complex sociology terminologies that maybe difficult to comprehend. Under such circumstances, you are often advised to have the Penguin Dictionary of sociology that is a complete guide to understanding such terminologies.

A good sociology essay does not only try to describe a social phenomena but the paper should actually try to interpret the phenomena using sociological theories and concepts. You need to show the examiner that you are able to reflect on the existing sociological literature and make your own independent interpretation regarding the same. As a sociology student, you are required to conduct an in-depth analysis of past and current literature in order to effectively critique the existing sociological concepts. With regards to originality, one thing that you need to understand when writing a sociology essay is that you do not need to come up with your own sociological theory. What you need to do is respond to the current theories and hypothesis and show how they are important in the sociology field.

A good sociology essay must pay great attention to the technical aspect of coming up with a good essay. This includes things such as the essay format, formatting the references and issues to do with spelling mistakes and plagiarism. Remember, your essay should have well researched content presented in a logical manner. Sociology field is a relatively broad filed. I view of this; when you are a sociology essay, make sure that you do not concentrate on a single theorist. Always try to find as much information as you can gather from different theorist and the arguments and counter-arguments related to different sociological perspectives.

In sociology, it is often a good idea to read around a topic meaning that if you single out a specific topic of your choice, try and read on the larger argument related to your topic. This will help you connect the ideas and make your sociology essay more interesting. Another interesting fact about sociology essays is that there so often a relationship between social phenomena and institutions. Let’s say that you have been told to write about media and gender. One approach of doing this is independently looking at media, and then looking at gender. However, another approach of writing such a sociology essay is examining the two co-relatively as they are intimately related.

Author: Britteny Acosta